About Spaulding Craft, Inc.

Spaulding Craft, formed in 1976, actively engages in the design and manufacturing of composite tooling and components for the construction industry. Our plant is located in Safety Harbor, FL (20 Minutes from Tampa). Over the years SCI has produced and delivered hundreds of projects.

In 1980 SCI was awarded a contract by Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL to build 200 rental boats. After a highly sucessful contract, we were invited to be a partner in their next FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) project, EPCOT Center. For two years SCI worked hands on with the staff shop at Disney World and EPCOT until the project was finished. Since then SCI has been a trend setter in the Architectural FRP market.

In 1988 SCI designed and fabricated thousands of composite components on the prestigious multi use Market Square Buildings in Washington DC. Since then we have worked on many upscale projects including Burdines, Macy's, Saks 5th Ave, and numerous banks, colleges, and hospitals.

In design and construction of commercial or residential structures, the desire for a unique architectural image is a top priority. SCI's attention to detail, product quality, and experience, coupled with timely production, can be your edge in creating a truly unique architectural image. Whether classical architecture, art deco or special displays, SCI is ready to assist you from conception through design to installation.